The Real Korean Skincare Routine: Special Parts Patch Masks, The Precise Skin Care: Part 2
The Real Korean Skincare Routine-Special Parts: Part2

The Real Korean Skincare Routine: Special Parts Patch Masks, The Precise Skin Care: Part 2

Best way to hydrate lips, LIP MASK

There are lip masks that help with moisturizing your lips. It is easy for your lips to get dry and get flaky due to irritation from lip makeup products. In order to help give nutrients and moisture back to your lips, you can use lip mask packs. Your lips will become plump and healthy if you leave a lip pack on them for just 10~20 minutes. Your lip makeup will go on much better the next day and stay put for longer as well.


Best way to get the defined sharp jawline, JAWLINE MASKS

Sheet masks that help lift your jawline are very popular in Korea right now. As you get older, it is easier for your jawline to get wider and sag. A lot of Koreans think that having a slim, lifted jawline is a sign of beauty. They call this sort of jawline the ‘V-line’. It is popular to use special jawline sheet masks to help create a slim, V-shaped jawline.


Best way to care pimples, acnes and skin troubles, SPOT PATCH

Patches that help heal your pimples and acnes are also a vital part of Korean skincare. When you get a pimple, it is important to disinfect it, protect it from outside irritation, and put medication onto it. If you put a spot patch onto your pimple, the anti-inflammatory ingredients in the patch will reduce the spot and the patch will protect it from infection and from becoming a scar even if you accidentally touch it. If you use these patches, they will help quickly heal your pimple and minimize any scars or discoloration.

Best helper tools of sheet mask, MASK COVER

Because Koreans use so many sheet masks, there are several tools that help you use sheet mask packs more easily. For example, a mask cover helps you move around easily even with a sheet mask on. If you use it on top of a sheet mask, it helps keep it in place and stop it from moving or falling off. Furthermore, because it is made from silicone, it helps retain all the nutrients in the mask so that it can be absorbed into skin more easily and deeply.



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