The Real Korean Skincare Routine: Sheet Masks, The Leader of Face Treatments
Representative of K-Beauty

The Real Korean Skincare Routine: Sheet Masks, The Leader of Face Treatments

Sheet masks are the representative of K-Beauty cosmetics.
A lot of Koreans use sheet masks as the last step of their own Korean skincare routine. In Korea, several different types of sheet masks with a variety of benefits are being made.

Sheet Mask Packs: Beginning and Completion of The Korean Skincare Routine.
A typical sheet mask is round in shape, covering the whole face, with holes for one’s eyes and lips. Sheet mask packs help enhance skin absorption of active ingredients. Using a cold sheet mask can help reduce swelling and increase skin vitality. Furthermore, since they help with moisture retention, the base of anti-aging, using them regularly can help keep your skin youthful. Using a sheet mask prior to putting on makeup can also help your makeup go on smoother and better.

Sheet masks can help restore your skin in a short period of time.
If you use it on a day when your skin isn’t looking great, you’ll be able to see that your skin has bounced back and regained its vitality by the next day. Therefore, a lot of Koreans always use sheet masks the night before an important event (interview, date, etc.).

What is the best way to use sheet masks to enhance their effect?
It is optimal to use them as the last step after finishing your whole skincare routine. This will help with absorption and help lock in moisture. Using sheet masks in this way 1~2 times a week will help keep your skin in its best condition. After taking the sheet mask off your face, try smoothing the sheet over areas such as your neck, elbows, and heels to help improve moisture. It’ll work even better than a luxurious body cream.

One Mask Sheet One Day
In Korea, the 'One Mask Sheet Per Day' skincare routine is trending. Koreans call it "1 day 1 pack". Using 1 sheet mask pack every day for 1~3 months will help upgrade your skin’s condition. Just as exercising helps create a beautiful body, doing this will help improve the health of your skin from within to create glowing skin. Koreans call this beautiful, bouncy, and glowing skin ‘Mul-Gwang’. It is best to choose sheet masks with natural, non-irritating ingredients when doing 1 pack per day.



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