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Check out the top 10 Naver and Kakao webtoon and Enjoy!

The Most Popular Webtoons in Korea

Here you can find the top ten most popular webtoons in South Korea. 

You can check the latest popular webtoon news from South Korea, the birthplace of webtoons, and have fun with us. If you are a fan of comic stories, manhwa, and want to know what Koreans like, keep on reading!

According to the 'Manhwa Webtoon User Status Survey Report 2021' of the Korea Creative Content Agency, in Korea, the market share of two webtoon platforms is almost 90%. Those two major webtoon platforms are 'Naver Webtoon' and 'Kakao Webtoon'.

The top 10 most popular webtoons on both major webtoons platforms are listed below. 

TOP 10



Master Kim

Art by Jeongjongtaek, Written by Toy


True Beauty

Created by Yaongyi


Hanlim Gym

Written by Hyeseong, Art by Sukjae Lee


The Boy of Death

Created by Ryu


The World After the End

Original novel writer Singshong, Dramatized by S-Cynan, Art by Undead Gamja


Severe Trauma Center - Golden Hour

Written by Hansan Lee-ga(Dr. Lee Nakjun), Art by Hongbichila


Random Chat

Created by Park Eun Hyuk


The S-Classes That I Raised

Original novel writer GeunSeo, Dramatized by Seri, Art by Biwan


Graduate School Escape Diary Log

Created by Yoda


I'll give you my 1

Created by Kim Gyeran

You can find the webtoon that was officially published in English by clicking links on the webtoon's titles. Lots of official English version of Naver webtoon can check on, Naver Webtoon English website

Some webtoons have not yet been released in English. Our direct translation of such a webtoon's title is its English title, which may be modified when the official English version is released.

TOP 10



Abimussang(Father, unrivaled)

Written by Noh Gyeongchan, Art by Lee Hyeonseok


Grave Robber-King

Original novel writer Sanjijiksong, Dramatized by Yoon Sseu, Art by 3b2s


Secret Relationship

Created by McQueen STUDIO


A Business Proposal

Original novel writer Haehwa, Dramatized by Deulkkae, Art by NARAK


Siren - Becoming the Villain's Contract Family

Original novel writer Sul Isu, Dramatized by Saengyam, Art by Poya


This is my home!

Created by Gongryong


Only I level up (Solo Leveling)

Original novel writer Chugong, Dramatized by h-goon, Art by DUBU(REDICE STUDIO)


The Loving Being

Created by Hyangyu Creative


Again My Life

Original novel writer Lee Haenal, Dramatized by Dogyeong, Art by Sun Yongmin


Mystic Pop-up Bar

Created by Bae Hyesu

You may meet the official English version of Kakao Webtoons if you go to Tapas, which was acquired by Kakao Entertainment, Kakao Webtoon owner, in 2021.

This ranking is on 5 April, as announced ranking by each Korean webtoon platform.

Two giants webtoon platforms in the online comic market

Allow me to briefly introduce the two major webtoon platforms, which are the creators of the webtoon format and dominate the market share, almost 90% of Korea's online comics and manhwa. follow me.


Naver Webtoon

Naver is a South Korean web portal that launched Naver Webtoon, which is a webtoon platform. It's the biggest online comics platform in Korea and worldwide. According to Naver, the first webtoon service was launched on July 17, 2004. After a major reorg in February 2006, webtoons became the main topic for real.

Together with Daum (merged with Kakao), Naver pioneered the online comics market. Going beyond the initial market of simply scanning and showing paper comics and manhwa, we created a webtoon format optimized for personal browsers - smartphones, PCs, and tablets.

In addition, Naver comics frequently produce their own Internet serializations as well as webtoon services. Professional artists create Naver webtoons, which are full-color online comic strips. They feature a broad range of genres and styles, including action, romance, comedy, horror, and drama. New episodes are added every day.

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Kakao Webtoon

On August 1, 2021, Kakao Webtoon was created and reorganized from Daum Webtoon, as a result of the integration of webtoon contents scattered across the Kakao Page and Daum Webtoon. These two content platforms are siblings. The Kakao Page offers a powerful web novel service, and it is still operational with webtoon contents also.

Daum Webtoon, the precursor of Kakao Webtoon, was founded on February 24, 2003, when the Daum portal's news section was reorganized into Daum Media. Omnibus webtoons and current events comics were among its early offerings.

After that, Kang Full's Romance Comics became a huge hit, collecting 32 million page views. Since then, the number of authors has gradually increased, and the online cartoon service has begun in earnest.

Especially It is faster than Naver Webtoon in terms of beginning, and it can be argued that it was the first to start a webtoon site among the remaining Korean webtoon sites. And it played a pioneering role in various functions and services.

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Latest Webtoon News For You

Webtoons originated in Korea, and the two main webtoon platforms account for almost 90% of the market share. As a result, we've researched the top 10 most popular webtoons on both major platforms.

Those are currently Korea's finest webtoons. We keep you up to date on everything so you don't miss out!

Thanks for reading :) 

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