5 reasons you'll love "Extraordinary Attorney Woo"
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5 reasons you'll love "Extraordinary Attorney Woo"

Korea is now obsessed with 'Extraordinary Attorney Woo'. Let's find out all about 'Extraordinary Attorney Woo Young-woo' which is a courtroom, romance, comedy, and healing k-drama that is popular in Korea right now.

Here are 5 reasons why we can't help falling in love with "Extraordinary Lawyer Woo", a heartwarming and entertaining K-drama.


Reason #1
A drama of the lovely character, Woo Young-Woo, who overcomes and grows

Young-woo, who has 'autism spectrum disorder', is a character with strengths and weaknesses.

Her high IQ of 164, a memory that accurately memorizes a huge amount of legal texts and precedents, and a free way of thinking that does not get caught up in preconceived notions or emotions are Young-woo's untouchable strengths.

But she is very sensitive and often anxious, and she is not able to handle her body harmoniously. So she is not good at running, tying shoelaces, or passing through revolving doors.

Young-woo is a person of extreme strength and extreme weakness, a combination of high IQ and low EQ, superior to most of us and inferior to most of us. Young-woo is, in a word, extraordinary.

highly recommended k-drama extraordinary attorney woo

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Reason #2
The attractive legal drama that solves new cases in every episode

The drama begins with Woo Young-woo, who graduated from Seoul National University Law School(to compare it to USA... Harvard law school level) and passed the bar exam, becoming a lawyer at a large law firm, Hanbada.

'Extraordinary Attorney Woo' is a TV show where Young-woo and Hanbada's lawyers solve one case each episode.

In 'Extraordinary Attorney Woo', when challenging a new exciting case every time, viewers can have pleasure seeing the main character Woo solving the problem with the people around her.

'Extraordinary Attorney Woo' is charming and has the excitement that can only be found in courtroom dramas that are episode-based.


Reason #3
We want to meet an attorney like Woo Young-woo.

We want honest, sincere, just, and competent lawyers. But how difficult is it to find such an attorney in real life?

Young-woo is honest and sincere
Young-woo is honest and sincere. She is also very stubborn. When it comes to 'law', she knows more than anyone else. Young-woo has a passion for tenaciously digging into her case.

The show ''Extraordinary Attorney Woo'' accurately portrays Young-Woo's strengths as an attorney. This makes viewers say "I want to meet an attorney like Young-woo, too!".


Reason #4
The popularity of 'Extraordinary Attorney Woo' is skyrocketing high in Korea and Worldwide.

In South Korea

In South Korea, the drama ranked No.1 in its time slot.

According to Good Data Corporation, which analyzes TV dramas' online buzz, 'Extraordinary Attorney Woo' was the most talked-about drama from June 29th to August 18th. This drama has maintained its No. 1 in the popular ranking throughout the entire airing period.

This series started with a 0.9 % viewership and has risen to 17.5 % in the last 16 episodes, collecting explosive attention, according to Nielsen Korea.


All Around The World

The k-drama 'Extraordinary Attorney Woo' is receiving a lot of love from international viewers. The show is being broadcast all over the world on Netflix, and people are praising it on social media platforms such as Twitter and Instagram.

After the show aired, people from the United States and other places started making requests for remakes.

For 5 weeks after it started airing on Netflix, it stayed in the number one spot for non-English dramas. It also stayed in the top 10 for a long time for all dramas.

Extraordinary Lawyer woo toke a top Netflix non-English dramas



Reason #5
Woo Young-woo's interesting relationship stories with the people around her

 In Extraordinary Lawyer Woo, there are a lot of great supporting actors. They all have excellent acting skills. Park Eun-bin, who plays Woo Young-woo, has great chemistry with them.

More intriguing episodes of these characters are on the way, as you can see from the diagram below.


 If you are looking for a fun legal drama to watch, 'Extraordinary Attorney Woo' is definitely a great choice!


Highly recommended K-drama "Extraordinary Attorney Woo"

So far, we've gone through 5 reasons why you'll like "Extraordinary Attorney Woo." What about it? Are you ready to fall in love with this drama now?

If you're looking for a great Korean drama to watch, "Extraordinary Attorney Woo" is highly recommended! The show has been ranking #1 in its time slot in South Korea, and international viewers are loving it too. With intriguing relationship stories between the characters, this drama is sure to keep you entertained from beginning to end. So be sure to add it to your watch list today!

We hope you enjoy "Extraordinary Attorney Woo" as much as we do! Please also enjoy our other articles about Korean entertainment and culture.

Thank you for reading ;) Gamsahabnida 감사합니다🙏

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